Huawei P10 Review

Huawei P10 Review
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Huawei P10













  • Impressive camera performance
  • Clever fingerprint scanner
  • Solid design
  • Decent performance
  • Decent speaker


  • Battery life isn't great
  • No official IP rating
  • Expensive
  • Slow ac Wi-Fi
Huawei P10 Review – Make every shot a cover shot.

HUAWEI P10 sets an industry benchmark for style and craftsmanship with the first hyper diamond-cut finishing on a smartphone, which adds strength and colour. Finishes also available in high gloss and sandblast.

main competitors: LG G6 | Samsung Galaxy S8 | Sony Xperia XZ Premium | HTC U11


In a way, this phone isn’t really getting a fair shake, as the most immediate comparison people make is against the bigger brother Mate which only just made it to the United States about a month ago. Remembering that this is an update to the P9, nearly every aspect of this phone is noticeably better than last year’s fashion flagship. Screaming performance, better battery life, significantly faster charging, and an evolved camera system. It’s admirable that Huawei packaged all of these improvements while also playing with some new design elements and focusing on fresh color options.

There are precious few compromises to make now. We’re expecting more phones to arrive this year with rated enhanced water resistance for example, and it’s about time Huawei disclose IP ratings for all of their phones. The P10 Plus is rated IPX3, but we have no official confirmation on whether the smaller P10 is even rain resistant.

To return to the question at the top of this article, evolution or revolution, it’s curious to see complaints of this phone online “not improving enough”. While we wait for Samsung to eat up the first batch of Qualcomm 835 processors, you can get that power now in the Mate 9 and P10. At the time this review was published, there’s literally no more powerful (non-Huawei) Android phone on the market, and we’re still week away from a proper Galaxy S8 launch.

The toughest competition this phone might face is likely to come from Huawei’s sister brand, as we wait to see what the next Honor might bring using these parts and pieces. Until then, the P10 offers a compelling solution for folks looking to shop something different. Personally, it’s nice getting these features in a phone I can use with one hand.

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For fans of the P9, the P10 is an excellent phone. Huawei has tweaked the design and added nearly all the right upgrades to make it feel like a step up. The phone has an excellent screen, offers top performance and ticks all the right boxes design-wise.

My only major concern is that its rear camera’s aperture is a little on the low side considering the handset’s price and can’t match the performance of key rivals, such as the Pixel.

I’m also not convinced about its price. The Huawei P10 Plus is only €50 more than the regular P10 and comes with a better camera, a larger higher-resolution screen, and 128GB of storage. Although I can’t comment definitively until I get to test the P10 Plus, this combination of factors adds up to make it appear the better option for those who can afford it.

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It is not a perfect phone (no phone is). To start, the fingerprint sensor on the front doubles as a navigation key, requiring you to tap it to go back in a menu, press and hold to go home, and swipe up to access Google Now. It was clunky to use and often I found myself unceremoniously booted to the home screen when I meant to take a step back in an app. You can turn the button’s navigation functions off and use on-screen navigation instead, but then you’re left with a large bezel and button on the bottom of the phone that’s only there to scan your prints. (My colleague Patrick Holland had a much more positive experience with the Motorola Moto G5 Plus.)

You also won’t find any kind of waterproofing on the P10, a feature I’d like to see become standard on all high-end phones. As such, be careful using it by the pool or in the bathroom.

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The P10 is a decent smartphone. Although it can’t claim to be original, its design is elegant and ergonomic and it comes with a few perks. Having the P10 in your hand is a pleasure and during daily use, it doesn’t lack in performance.

The camera leaves a bit to be desired when lighting conditions aren’t ideal, especially when compared with better devices that are already available on the market. The battery will get you through the day with normal usage, but we’re hoping that with future updates, it will gain even more life. In general, the P10 is a good device that handles daily tasks without problems, but it doesn’t really stand out for any particular feature. It’s a shame it doesn’t have IP68 certification either.

If you have a P9, it’s probably not worth it to change your device completely, however, the P10 is an improvement.

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Huawei again presents a superb product that does not need to accept much criticism with its P10 lifestyle smartphone. The actual high-end product in the lineup is the P10 Plus edition. However, the smaller model also offers some first-rate features, such as the UFS 2.1 storage, LTE Cat.12, and the lightning-fast Kirin 960 SoC that the competition only offers in considerably more expensive products.

We also again liked Leica’s dual-camera. Although it has room for improvement technically, it shoots superb photos with a very unique flair. The integrated portrait mode is also very good and allows an appealing play with the depth of field. The battery life has also been improved.

However, considering that Huawei’s P10 is a premium-range product, a few technical shortcomings are found. The comparatively weak Wi-Fi module, the slow micro-SD slot, and the still only available Full HD panel are not appropriate for the price regions that the P10 enters. Sony can boast with an Ultra HD screen and HDR this year, and LG’s G6 will also receive an HDR-capable panel. Huawei will have to upgrade in future products here.

Huawei can also score with service. The VIP service that extends the warranty to three years among other things is not only customer-friendly but also demonstrates that the company trusts its product. Huawei has again designed a superb smartphone that has many strengths, and which is a consistent further development of its predecessor.

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Huawei P10 is a thoughtfully designed smartphone with the P9 legacy in mind, and it’s one of the worthiest sequels we’ve seen lately. At least from P9 owners’ point of view. The Mate users should probably look elsewhere. And, of course, to everyone else – the P10 is everything Huawei claims to be – beautiful device, capable of both performance and photography. Just don’t expect it to make the perfect selfies. We’ll probably have to wait for Huawei P11 for that.

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