Apple iPad 9.7 Review

Apple iPad 9.7 Review
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Apple iPad 9.7













  • Relatively inexpensive
  • iOS is the best tablet plaftorm
  • Great battery life
  • Fast and reliable


  • Lightning port instead of USB-C
  • Not a clear upgrade from other models
  • iPad Air 2 has a better display
Apple iPad 9.7 – Flat-out fun

Learn, play, surf, create. iPad gives you the incredible display, performance, and apps to do what you love to do. Anywhere. Easily. Magically.


This iPad, perhaps more than any in recent memory, is an exercise in compromise. Yes, Apple has said that the iPad most clearly represents its vision of “people should get things done,” and the development of products like the iPad Pro speak to that belief. There is a time for innovation, and this wasn’t it. This time, Apple was just trying to build the best iPad it could for the masses. In that respect, it did a great job, even if the result isn’t as exciting as everyone hoped.

I feel for people who wanted something a little sleeker or more powerful: They have no other choice than to pay up for the Pro line. For everyone else, though — people who have never had iPads or people stuck with really old ones — this thing is a tempting buy that won’t let you down.

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There’s nothing physically innovative about Apple’s latest, but it breaks new ground by being a high-end iOS tablet at a mid-range price. With a great screen, good performance, and lo-o-ong battery life, the 9.7-inch iPad (2017) is going to appeal to everyone looking for a bargain on a replacement for an elderly iPad 2 or a similar model from a few years ago. Quite a few schools and businesses are going to be interested as well.

It would be a better product if Apple would adopt some industry standards, but even so it still might be the best tablet in this price range.

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This iPad is great for families, schools, businesses looking for a point-of-sale system, and just anyone who wants a workhorse of an iPad without the bells and whistles of the more expensive iPad Pro. It’s everything great about the iPad at a lower cost to entry than ever, and if your kids are as nuts about the iPad as mine is, this is the one to get them.

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The iPad 9.7-inch is the perfect mix of features and price. It doesn’t offer up anything new, and I think the iPad Air 2 is still the better tablet, but for everyone else looking for a reliable device then this ticks all the boxes.

It’s perfect for movies and games, and of course you’ve got so much choice in the App Store. I would have liked a laminated display to eliminate glare and more storage options, but Apple clearly had to make some sacrifices to reach the fairly ‘affordable’ £339/$329 price.

It’s a great choice if you want to spend less and don’t need some of the fancier features like Apple Pencil support you get with the iPad Pro, or can’t find the iPad Air 2.

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Apple’s new iPad feels like a cheaper, but more advanced, take on the previous models (remember, the original iPad launched at $500 in 2010). That’s great for a lot of tablet tasks, but the category has shown some real evolution over the past few years. Comparing models, it’s tempting to upsell yourself into an iPad Pro or other high-end tablet, which would include features such as stylus support, an ultrapremium display and quad speakers.

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