Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) Review

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review
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Amazon Kindle Oasis

















  • Larger screen than before
  • Waterproof
  • Great reading experience
  • Audiobooks are useful
  • Excellent E Ink display
  • Improved, 6-week battery life


  • Heavier than the last Oasis
  • Expensive
  • No headphone jack
  • No speakers
Amazon Kindle Oasis Review – Reimagined design. Perfectly balanced.

Amazon Kindle Oasis is the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever–read even more comfortably for hours.

All-new ergonomic design with dedicated buttons to effortlessly turn the page.

Longest Kindle battery life–the included leather charging cover can boost battery to months. Choose from a black, merlot, or walnut removable cover.

High-resolution 300 ppi display with crisp, laser quality text. Reads like real paper without glare, even in direct sunlight.

Enhanced built-in adjustable light evenly illuminates the screen for perfect reading anywhere, anytime.

Prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles.



The $250 Oasis comes with 8GB of storage, but you can also get up to 32GB for $280. If, for some reason, its Audible support appeals to you, that larger model would make more sense. You can also get the Oasis with LTE connectivity and 32GB of space for $350.

If you just want a solid e-ink screen with a simple backlight, the $120 Kindle Paperwhite is still the best deal in Amazon’s lineup. It’s worth spending the extra $40 from the basic Kindle so you don’t have to worry about strapping on a reading light. As for the $200 Kindle Voyage … well, I’m still not sure why that one exists. If you want something beyond what the Paperwhite offers, it makes sense to go all the way to the Oasis.

As for non-Amazon options, you can get a refurbished version of Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight Plus for $80. But given that that bookseller has stopped making new models, I wouldn’t bet on that e-book platform being around for much longer.

Once again, Amazon has delivered a premium Kindle for the lucky few. While it’s expensive, the new Oasis is at least cheaper than the last one. It also has some useful features that you won’t find on any other Kindle. If you have the means, it’s the best e-reader option on the market. For everyone else, though, the Kindle Paperwhite remains a great deal.

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The newest version of the Kindle Oasis is the best ereader on the market right now, but it comes at a price.

Whether you need some of the top-end features offered here is down to personal preference, but if you’re planning to read on your Kindle for a long time most days it may be worth the investment.

With audiobooks, a waterproof design and a great battery life, on top of the already-strong standard Kindle features, it’s hard to fault the Kindle Oasis apart from that high price.

The Kindle Oasis is only for those who read lots of ebooks. If you’re set to be reading a lot on a daily commute, we’d recommend getting this as your next ereader.

It’s really useful to be able to listen to audiobooks while you’re walking, and then swap over to the ebook when you board your train or bus and pick up where you left off.

You don’t need the Oasis, though, if you’re just planning to read the odd book – we’d only recommend this for true ebookworms.

We love the Kindle Oasis, as it’s the best at what it sets out to do, but you always need to bear that price in mind, and it may not be the Kindle for you because of that.

Amazon also offers the Voyage, Paperwhite and basic Kindle at a range of price points, and one of those is likely to offer the exact features you’re looking for.

But if a waterproof design, audiobooks and an attractive design appeal to you, the Kindle Oasis is the best option for you right now, and it makes a lot of sense to invest in one over some of the cheaper products.

Perhaps the number one thing to bear in mind is that the Kindle Oasis offers the most comfortable reading experience, and if that’s what is important to you then you’ll proably feel it’s worth the extra money.

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While the new Kindle Oasis on paper is less expensive than the original Oasis, $250 is still a lot to spend on an e-reader. Is it that much better than the Kindle Paperwhite? No, it isn’t. Except for the Audible support, they have access to the same deep set of reading features and same Kindle e-books and other content from Amazon (if you’re a Prime member, you can download plenty of free titles, some of which you may actually want to read). While it’s a little mundane looking, the Paperwhite has a nice E Ink touchscreen display and often gets discounted to less than $100.

But the Kindle Oasis (2017) is a premium e-reader targeted at those who value their Kindle as much, if not more, than their phone and want to own the best e-reader available. The original Oasis was that e-reader. And if you already bought that one, I don’t think you’ll be that enticed by this one. The original is still a great e-reader, and if lightweight is what you’re after, it’s still the king.

Ultimately, however, the larger screen, more durable aluminum chassis and full waterproofing are important upgrades that put the new Kindle Oasis at the top of the e-reader class. Sure, it’s a little crazy to spend this much for an e-reader, but then again, people have been known to overspend on smartphones, noise-cancelling wireless headphones and a lot of other products. Why not a fancy Kindle?

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Amazon has four Kindles: the $80 base model, the $120 Paperwhite, the $200 Voyage, and this one. The Voyage offers many of the same features as the Oasis for $50 less, but its screen is an inch smaller and it isn’t waterproof. The Paperwhite is still an Editors’ Choice for being as much Kindle as most people need. Its front light and higher-resolution screen make it a huge leap forward from the $80 model.

But oh, the Oasis is worth lusting after, especially if you read in the bath or at the beach. It’s lighter, more ergonomic, waterproof, and less expensive than the previous Oasis, and you get an entire additional paragraph per page with the bigger screen. That makes it our Editors’ Choice on the higher end. I might just have to buy one myself.

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I’ve spent countless weekend mornings in coffee shops trying to force my way through one novel or another on my iPad, only to find myself distracted by a tweet, a text, or a game. The Oasis feels downright meditative by comparison. Everything it can’t do makes it better suited to doing the one thing it can.

And yet at $250 for a Wi-Fi-only 8GB Oasis, it still feels like more than all but the most dedicated of readers will be willing to spend. A Wi-Fi-only Amazon Fire tablet with 8GB of storage can be had for $50 — and will give you the entire internet in return. A $120 Kindle Paperwhite offers a very similar reading experience, minus the water resistance or Audible features, for less than half the cost. A new iPad is considerably more expensive, but offers a much wider range of functions in return.

Still, there is value in leaving all those functions behind. The Oasis is an ideal device for canceling out, however briefly, the distractions of the wider world. But all that comes at a very high price. And while the Oasis takes reading seriously, there are moments where it still does not take reading seriously enough.

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Water-resistance and Audible integration have been two of the biggest features missing from previous Kindles, so their additions here instantly make the new Oasis an interesting proposition.

However, with prices starting at £229 for an 8GB model and £259 for 32GB, the Oasis remains a pricey product that’s likely to attract only the most obsessive of Kindle fans. Nevertheless, having features that actually set the Oasis apart from the £109.99 Paperwhite at least make it an easier sell than the previous model.

It’s expensive and a few of the design changes won’t suit all, but the bigger screen and waterproofing make it the perfect choice for die-hard e-reader fans.

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The All-New Oasis packs all the most useful features of its predecessor, plus an even larger screen and minimized bezels — and now that it’s waterproof, there’s nowhere you can’t take it.

Is there a better alternative? If you want a cheaper ebook reader that’s still waterproof and has a crisp display, the Kobo Aura H20 sells for $147. It has a slightly smaller 6.8-inch screen, and lower pixel density of 265 pixels-per-inch, but uses ComfortLight technology that’s similar to Amazon Paperwhite. And for even more choices, browse our list of the best ebook readers you can buy.

With the Kobo, you’ll be paying more for its specs than the design and reader experience. It doesn’t have the sleekest look with much wider bezels, and you’ll also have to hold it with both hands for a comfortable grip. But it does beat out Amazon’s all-knew Kindle Oasis when it comes to battery life – with the Kobo Aura H20 lasting up two months before needing to be recharged.

How long will it last? The all-new Kindle Oasis should last years, particularly now that it has an aluminum body, stronger glass, and can survive spills. And what more features can you really anticipate Amazon adding, now that it’s waterproof? The much slower pace of ebook reader evolution means that it’s not likely to be a relic in two years, unlike a new phone.

Should you buy it? Yes. For bookworms, the Kindle Oasis remains the definite ebook reader to own. With all the features you’d ever want an e-reader, you’re ultimately shelling out a large sum of money for a device that will last you for years to come.

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